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Telehealth and telecare: 45 minutes on BBC Radio 4 ‘You and Yours’ (UK)

...want to get a sense of what is happening in the UK, listen to it. Towards the end there is some discussion of the WSD RCT and we are reminded that the 3millionlives (3ML) initiative has been quietly shelved as projects like Mi Liverpool move on. The whole programme can be heard again for up to one year from today on BBC iPlayer, here. Listening is restricted to the UK – others will need to spoof their location using a UK-based proxy server – try this VPN Freedome app from F-Secure (free six-day trial) to listen on your mobile device.... Continue Reading

A useful note on telehealth & telecare (UK)

If like me you are frequently asked for a summary of what has happened recently in the world of telehealth & telecare and are forced either to sit down and cut & paste/write one or politely turn down the request, you’ll be pleased to know of the recent four-page summary produced by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST). Written by Peter Border, it is a competent summary of recent developments in remote monitoring in the UK, including 3millionlives & ALIP, extending to mention of the regulation of medical apps. Of course there are bits I’d have written differently.... Continue Reading

One in Four Lives: the Australian 3ML

Australia was delivering personal healthcare at a distance (by radio and plane) long before ‘telehealth’ and, indeed ‘telecare’ were coined. One therefore wonders in what way a consortium of Australian companies were inspired by England’s 3millionlives (3ML) in developing their own version: One in Four Lives. Perhaps they thought they could do better. 10 months after the One in Four Lives launch in May 2013, they have produced a white paper (PDF download) which is, in effect, a manifesto calling for government support. It has some well-respected authors who accurately opine that the real challenge is not technological but is... Continue Reading

3ml pivots, Lancashire telecare turns?

3millionlives goes sideways, again… NHS England formally scrapped the planned seven ‘pathfinder sites’ projected to enroll 100,000 residents, in favor of a more limited scheme to gain adoption of telehealth in areas where ‘energy already exists’ in a new plan, ‘Integrated Care for 3millionlives’ to be delivered by March 2014. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in November 2012 set the 100,000 goal for 3ml; NHS England took over the program in April from the DH The totals tell the tale. An independent review by GP 8 Nov gave the total patient count as of September as just 2,368 patients in 20... Continue Reading

Rural Health Conference – more good news say to go alongside – as I hopefully put across in my summary of the Telemedicine Conference in Edinburgh last week, Scotland’s telemedicine implementations are hugely impressive, as was his presentation. The third presentation of note was Dave Tyas’s, describing the mainstreaming by Cornwall of both telecare and telehealth, and the development of Assisted Living for Independence (ALFI) which aims to transform the way care is delivered to people in the community by offering a wider range of services from a single source. Dave is especially passionate as to how the reborn 3millionlives might add great value.    ... Continue Reading

Poll shows why we need to promote assistive technology

A survey of 2069 adults in the UK by YouGov, commissioned by charity Carers UK and supported by Tunstall Healthcare (UK), makes a strong case for the better promotion of telehealth & telecare, as we argued for in our recent post on the future of 3millionlives. The Carers UK report, Potential for Change: Transforming public awareness and demand for health and care technology, draws an intriguing contrast between our willingness to use technology for activities such as shopping and banking, and our lack of knowledge of health and care technology that could help look after older or disabled relatives. When... Continue Reading

Soapbox – what should a restructured 3millionlives do?

...a lack of preparedness to remain independent in old age. There is no single name that is used to describe the technology in a way that, say, people see statins as the answer to high blood pressure – and ask their GP for them – or Skype is short for easy-to-install-&-use videotelephony. There can be little doubt that the previous incarnation of 3millionlives, or any other national organisation, did not focus adequately on either of the above, so the announcement that the programme is to be relaunched with a different constitution is good news if it is going to happen... Continue Reading

3millionlives “axed”; long live 3millionlives

Chris Wright 3millionlives was originally conceived as a 5 year programme to deliver what was a relatively modest target (although of course it never really was a target). So a programme of work was set out and embarked upon, including all the stakeholder consultation now being championed (apart maybe from not enough attention to the role of providers). Given the enormous distraction of the transition to NHS England (for 3millionlives and commissioners and everyone else) it was bound to suffer a stall. The production of the 3millionlives Way of commissioning, focussing specifically on the need for commissioning outcomes with technology... Continue Reading

How best to help older people to understand the benefit of technology? (UK)

...they hadn’t seriously thought about the type of care and support they would prefer as they get older during the last five years”. Other responses in the interesting survey seem to confirm that a significant number of older people are in denial of the implications of their age so are inadequately prepared to remain independent. This clearly strengthens the conclusion from our earlier piece, and from our retrospective on why O2 pulled out of this field of the increasingly pressing need to make people aware of how technology can support independent living. Is 3millionlives the way forward? This is obviously... Continue Reading

So 9 out of 10 people haven’t heard of ‘telehealth’…and your point is?

...treated using technology at home without having to go to hospital so much, if nine out of ten would still have said no? For those like me who struggled with their search engine to find details about the “National Telehealth Forum”, Mike Clark has kindly pointed out their website at Encouragingly, in the HSJ article, Carl Atkey, head of Appello Telehealth says that work is “being done to prepare more meaningful information to the public” and “While we completely support the 3millionlives campaign’s aims we believe a more granular approach will help make them a reality.” So, to conclude,... Continue Reading